End of Season Sprinkler Care

End of Season Sprinkler Care

Since we are nearing the end of lawn care season, it is important to know how to prepare sprinklers for the off season. Doing so will ensure that they are in working order for years to come. End-of-season sprinkler maintenance is essential to protect your irrigation system from winter damage and ensure it operates efficiently when spring arrives. So let’s get into it.

Turn Off the Water Supply

The first step is to shut off the water supply to your sprinkler system. Locate the main shut-off valve for your irrigation system and turn it off. This prevents water from flowing into the system during freezing temperatures.

Drain the System

Open the drain valves or bleed the system to remove any water from the pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads. This step helps prevent freezing and damage to the components.

Turn Off the Controller

Disable or turn off the automatic sprinkler controller to prevent it from initiating watering cycles. Set it to the "off" or "rain" position, depending on your controller type.

Insulate Backflow Preventers

If you have above-ground backflow preventers, insulate them using special insulation covers or foam wraps to protect them from freezing temperatures.

Protect Sprinkler Heads

Consider removing above-ground sprinkler heads and storing them indoors for the winter. If not feasible, cover them with insulating material or sprinkler head covers to prevent freezing.

Check for Leaks and Damage

Inspect the entire irrigation system for leaks, damaged pipes, or broken components. Address any issues before winter to avoid further damage.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

If you're uncertain about any aspect of your sprinkler system or need assistance with winterization, consider hiring a professional irrigation service to perform the maintenance. At Top Cut, not only do we install sprinkler systems, but we are happy to assist you with repair and maintenance as well. Just give us a call if you are having trouble with your system in any way.

Ultimately, properly winterizing your sprinkler system is crucial to prevent costly repairs in the spring. It ensures that your system remains in good working condition and is ready for use when the growing season resumes.

By Top Cut 9-25-2023