Opting for low maintenance landscaping does not mean sacrificing aesthetics. Xeriscaping is the perfect way to create lush landscapes and conserve water and energy at the same time. Contrary to popular belief, xeriscaping does not mean zero-scaping. More than just rocks and gravel, xeriscaping is the art of creating a beautiful landscape that is naturally suited to your environment, and Top Cut is eager to help Colorado homeowners do just that.

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Ditch the Bluegrass and Reap These Benefits:

  • Conserve water. Flowers, grasses, and plants chosen for a xeriscaped property require little to no water from your gardening hose once established.
  • Set it and forget it. Unlike traditional bluegrass lawns, xeriscaped lawns are comprised of native plants that do not require regular mowing or trimming and look better and better as they grow into their space.
  • Make a positive environmental impact. Because xeriscaped lawns are designed with elements that fit into your environment, they attract and nourish local pollinators and fauna and contribute to a healthy environment all around.

The term xeriscaping was coined in Colorado itself by Denver Water. This style of landscaping was quite literally made for Coloradans. If you wish to transform your lawn into a thoughtfully designed xeriscaped oasis, our Top Cut team is ready and willing to assist you in that endeavor.

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